Let's go see them now.

Vic may eat anything he wants.

Parents shouldn't let children be cruel to animals.

A map helps us to know where we are.

Biologists assert the losses are severe.

It's no use pleading because they'll never give in.

I ran into a friend of mine on the bus.

Don't respond to that.

I belong to the rugby football club.

Venus does not have any naturally occurring satellites.

He had to prevent the war.

Why don't you have a drink?

The patient is steadily recovering.

I am a United States citizen.

Derek wants it now.


How did you enjoy the movie?

You're very understanding.

I'm not reading a newspaper.

How many stamps do you have in your collection?

Dan's backpack was a few feet away from the road.

Debi wants to thank you.

Cold weather and insects destroyed their crops.

I want to know where they've taken Lois.

I thought we all had plans tonight.

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I'm going to see Eva in the morning.

He answered that he could swim well.

Let's go meet him.


Alexis had no choice but to give Marcos what she wanted.

He excluded the woman from the suspects.

The police are searching for an escaped prisoner.

I'm glad I got a chance to see you again.

If it's okay for her to buy a knife, then why on earth can't I?

The clerk admitted his mistake to me.

Teresa has been disobedient.


I enjoyed talking with my girlfriend.

What's the price of this umbrella?

I'll vouch for her.


Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.


I want a divorce.

He was in time for school.

A stallion is a male horse.

Sunil had no desire to go there by himself.

Boyd, why are you doing this?


The place is invested with an air of mystery.

Which one is Arlene?

Can you believe Lori is still just thirteen?

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Take whatever you want.

I didn't know this song.

You really fooled them.

He will excuse me.

These gloves belong to him.


The operation of a computer keyboard requires less effort than that of a manual typewriter.


I got off the bus at the end of the line.

You can't see him.

I love Aimer's music.

It is a moral question.

He can't speak English, much less French.

When challenged to pronounce "shibboleth", Christopher Columbus did it in such a perfect way, that he was instantly recognized as the new leader of the natives' army.

He's using you.


About 250 million years ago, the continents came together to form a supercontinent called Pangea.


A very unfortunate case came to our attention several years ago.

Fossil fuels are the main causes of global warming.

Jeanne thinks it's impossible.

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She suggested that I cancel the meeting.


The daily life can be busy, hectic and sometimes overwhelming.

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He immediately goes after her, like an ox to the slaughter.


You shouldn't cancel your trip.


Everyone liked her.

She felt like crying at the news.

That was all he needed to operate his computer.


I heard that story once.

Don't forget to call me up tomorrow.

Most foreigners learn to like Japanese dishes.

Tarmi sat down on the couch.

Jay's unflappable, even under great pressure.

You're not the one who died.

We have had a lot of snow this winter.


Did Cliff ever tell you any of this?

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It is not men's faults that ruin them so much as the manner in which they conduct themselves after the faults have been committed.

I want to go there once again.

I'm kind of busy.

If I could have spoken French better, I might have gotten that job.

You're more stupid than I thought.

He drank a bottle of wine.

Her job brings in a high income.

Let's work together here.

Dawson brought a tear to many an eye with his eloquent speech at Rajendra's funeral.

You can do it, can't you?

The young man was dressed elegantly.

Please explain the rule to me.

Do not open the box yet.

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Betsy knows Boston.

Samuel told Svante to pull over.

It is an exciting city, New York.

Which Buddhist school of thought do they belong to?

I will buy a new umbrella.

Kolkka is enjoying this.

Could you help me exchange some money?

You'll be safe there.

The water is nice and cool.

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I'm bored with that.

The moon emerged from behind the cloud.

You've had really a rough day, haven't you?

What would Ma say if she knew you associated with such common people!

Sanity had a splenectomy.

You'd better have a good explanation for this.

The washing machine is broken.

I think you might've been proud of Nicholas.

Coleen knew this.

Suyog was getting worried.

I can't be pushed off the path because I don't know where I'm going.

Omar has already gone to sleep.

As far as I know, he isn't lazy.


It doesn't feel any different.

The always liked me.

Please keep the fire from going out.

Sonny may leave anytime he wants to.

I'm looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.

Don't get married.

I always listen to her.

The boat anchored near the shore.

I didn't know what I wanted.

I don't have anything to declare.

You should wash your car.


It's not time to go home yet.


Johnnie is too young to take over yet.

Thank you, Goddess, mother of the earth, for calling me again into the world.

There's a woman as wants to see you.

Man is a complex organism.

I think perhaps I can help her.

Rayan moved to San Diego.

We didn't mean to leave Hienz out of the plan.


It's cold so you should wear a coat.

The project was plagued by uncertainties from the very beginning, and the team could not draw any decisive conclusions.

I never imagined so many people would come to my party.


What's your lucky number?

We're going to be ready.

Max put No in a headlock.

The party was really fun.

Moran and Shyam stand waiting for drinks.

I'm trying to stay awake.

We got held up by the roadworks and missed our flight.

How many different ways do you know how to cook an egg?

Come to watch us play music sometime.

I think Jesse is pessimistic.

Sharon came to the meeting late.

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Time is the coin of your life. You spend it. Do not allow others to spend it for you.

The results were in the main satisfactory.

The important thing is whether you do your best or not.

I don't see Sanjeev every day.

Life's not like that at all. It's completely different.

Jarl called me an idiot.

We don't want Murray on our team.

The illusion was perfect.

Don't waste too much time.


The temperature is just above freezing.

This is the only one I have.

Thanks for giving me a ride home.

Stop sticking your nose into other people's business.

Would you look after my children while I am away on vacation?

You think you're so clever.

Dan was living well beyond his means.

My camera is the same as your camera.

He crept on all fours like a cat.

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Your propaganda is so amateur.

Early the next morning, the circus left for the next town.

We believe you.

That seems suspicious.

"Who, and what are you?" Scrooge demanded. "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past."